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Writer's Block: Fool Me Once
April Fool's Day pranks -- love 'em or hate 'em? What's the best (or most annoying) prank you've had played on you, or that you've played on someone else? (Was jail time involved?)

Quite a few years ago now, my two sisters and I were playing in the garden on April Fool's Day when I told one of them that she had got a little snail in her hair. She looked horrified and started scrabbling around, before I told her April Fool! Another year, I told her that our dad had just fixed her bike, and she believed me and was disappointed when I told her that in fact it wasn't true.

Wild, I know.

When I was at uni my flatmates played a few pranks on me, but I can't remember if any of them were specifically on April Fool's Day. They used to hide my door key in various places, and once after I'd been up all night the night before an essay deadline, I came back from handing it in and fell asleep in the middle of the day. I woke up a few hours later pretty disorientated, and they convinced me that it was actually 12 hours later than it actually was, and was the early morning instead of the evening! I was so disorientated and fuzzy after my sleep that I believed or half-believed them for a good half an hour. I remember feeling a bit suspicious, but to everything I said they had an answer, and sounded so convincing, I was taken in.


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