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Well, work yesterday went much better than I expected it to. For once there were no cookies for me to pack when I got in, and there wasn't quite as much other stuff to pack as I'd feared. And for once the bakers hadn't made too many loaves of bread, so I didn't have quite as many left at the end of the day to slice as I usually do. I'm getting sick of the sound of that bread slicing machine! I'm surprised I haven't had dreams about it yet to be honest. No shift goes by without me having to spend at least the last hour of it just slicing bread; sometimes I've had to spend nearly two hours in total doing that. It gets so boring, I'm usually in almost total autopilot mode, arms and hands working away slicing bread while my mind drifts along in a cloud of daydreams... to be brought back down to earth abruptly by customers or managers occasionally asking about something.

I had my first aerobie-throwing session of the year today at the Wick (a piece of woodland with a large field attached), with Emma, Kate and Mark. It's been unseasonably hot and sunny for over a week now, and today was no exception. I love the way that aerobies fly so far after only a flick of the wrist, and the way they glide and cut through the air so smoothly. All it needed was the smell of bonfire smoke and the distant sound of ice cream van chimes, and the lovely idyllic summer-like effect would have been completed. Oh, and the smell of freshly cut grass as well.


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