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I'm going to Hampton Court tomorrow! I can't wait. That's somewhere I've always wanted to go to. The weather forecast says it's going to be sunny, so hopefully I'll get some nice photos, and take a proper walk around the gardens as well as inside the palace itself.

I had a pretty good day today. I swam lengths for an hour and a quarter in the lunchtime lanes session at the leisure centre, and cycled there and back. Before I cycled home I bought a sandwich from Tesco and went to Waterstones and read for a couple of hours. Time flies so fast in that place! I completely lost track of the time. Then this evening I cycled to rugby training, which went very well, and had some food and a drink with the others in the bar afterwards, like I usually do.

Something funny happened at the swimming pool, actually. I was getting changed afterwards when I became aware by the noise that a primary school year group had obviously just arrived for a swimming lesson. After a while most of them had clearly got changed and were waiting around for the last couple of people to come out so that they could all go through to the poolside together. Suddenly there was a loud banging on my door and a teacher's voice shouted "Who's in this cubicle?!" I ignored it because I knew I'd be out in a minute anyway. A minute later, and another bang on the door and an "Are you in there, girls? Come on, now!" I got my bag and opened the door to find a line of primary school children staring at me, a couple of teachers in the background smiling, and another teacher standing right next to the door. The poor woman was mortified, but also smiling at the same time - her face was a picture when she saw that I was not a schoolchild but in fact a general member of the public! I nearly burst out laughing, but instead just said "Don't worry about it, honestly, it's fine!" - whilst grinning widely. She was so apologetic!


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