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I wrote most of the below about two and a half months ago, before forgetting about Livejournal due to loads of other things happening. I'll just finish it off quickly and then do separate posts about what's happened since.

On Good Friday [6th April] I didn't have to work, so instead, after a breakfast of traditional Good Friday homemade hot cross buns, I spent the morning following the 4th day of the England - Sri Lanka test match. In the afternoon I played with my aerobie at the Wick with Emma and then (after a bit of a rest) I got ready for my end of season rugby do in the evening. Emma and I had a lot of fun at the Wick, because after a long time throwing it normally, we began throwing it as hard is we possibly could to each other, up and down the length of the middle of the field. It feels incredibly satisfying when you release it with all your possible strength and speed of arm, and you see the aerobie fly up and then flatten as it soars away into the distance. Aerobies can go a long way without much effort in the throw at all, so you can imagine how far it went when we were giving it all our power! Emma reckons that at times we were getting it to go 100 to 120 metres, and I agree. We weren't always completely accurate - sometimes the other person had to sprint for a while in order to catch it, or weren't able to catch it at all - but when we got one just right, and the other person barely had to move to catch it, it was a really good feeling. To be accurate over such a long distance is harder than it looks.

The end of season do at the rugby club was fun. Nearly everyone had made an effort with the fancy dress theme of 'At the Movies'. I went as an elf from the Lord of the Rings, and there was a Batman & Robin, a Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz', a Sandy from 'Grease', an Indiana Jones, a pirate, a cowgirl, a Shrek, two knights from Monty Python's 'Holy Grail' (complete with foil helmets, swords & Grail, and they galloped everywhere like they do in the film, whilst clacking coconut shell halves together), and one girl dressed up as a tub of popcorn! There were some more that I've forgotten now, as well.
The meal was very nice (chicken breast with vegetables & roast potatoes, and Eton mess for pudding), and throughout, members from the committee read out slips which we had all filled in at the start. Apparently the men's teams do it at the general club end of season dinner; what you do is write 'I would like to take wine with anyone who.... (fill in blank space)' - eg. 'anyone who has been injured at all this season', or 'anyone who was born in a foreign country', or 'anyone who has scored a try this season', or more risque ones, and then fold up the slip and pass it along to the committee. Then throughout the meal, every now and then they'll pick up one at random and read it out, and anyone who has done what is mentioned on the slip, has to drink some of their wine or other drink. Before the food arrived I was forced to down my full glass of wine because I was 'double parked' (had alcoholic drinks on the go at the same time)!
After dinner we had the awards ceremony, and I got one - 'Most Improved Player' for the 2nd team. I was really pleased to get it, because secretly I had thought I had a chance after my recent performances for the 1st team against Worcester and Richmond and for the 2nd team against Hampstead. It was really, really nice to feel so appreciated, and I felt flattered when the club captain (who announced and presented the awards) said that she had two words for each winning player, which she thought summed them up as rugby players, and that mine in her opinion were 'invincible' and 'dedicated'! Apparently I'm a silent assassin on the rugby pitch, according to someone else. Everyone who got an award had to down a shot of sambuca.
Then we moved into the main bar and watched a photo slideshow of our team over the past year; both action shots of matches, and photos from last year's summer tour, rugby sevens tournaments, and various socials.
Then there was a period of mingling and having another drink or two, before we headed into town in taxis. We went into O'Neills, but it kind of fizzled out for me by the time the place closed, because some people didn't make it to O'Neills to begin with, and then others disappeared during our time there. It was too loud and packed to talk to people properly as well. When O'Neills closed I went to Subway with another girl and then went home. I'd have been up for going to Veda (a local club) if there'd been more people around by that stage, because I've never been there before and I fancied a bit of a dance, but I thought most people had gone home by then, so I didn't go. As it turned out, four or five of the other girls had gone there in the end, but I'd already got separated from them by that stage so I didn't know they were going to go there. Oh well, I'm sure I will make it to Veda at some point!

Easter Day was rainy so there was no chance of a repeat of last year's visit to the lovely bluebell woods in Sandridge, and the first outdoors cricket practice of the season at Radlett didn't happen. Easter was a couple of weeks earlier than last year too so I don't think the bluebells would have all flowered properly yet anyway.


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