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Something funny which happened at work last week
Two pigeons got into work a week last Thursday. They arrived in the bakery, and no matter how many times I chased them away they always found their way back again. C, one of the bakers, and I even chucked a roll and half a pancake at them when they stood on a ledge high above on a ledge above one of the packing machines. It made them flutter away up into the rafters of the building, and then over to the other side of the supermarket, but yes, eventually they reappeared. They kept landing on the floor and walking under the racks with all our bread and cakes on, too, and flying up and perching on top of aisle ends opposite. I got sick of customers saying "did you know there are pigeons in your bakery?" and me replying "yes, I know, I keep chasing them away but they always return!" We tried catching them, too, but they always flew away just as we got up to them.

The next day I arrived at work at 2pm to find that the pigeons were still there! They'd been driving my colleagues mad all morning. At 5.30pm, just as my lunchbreak was about to end, I was sitting in the staff canteen when I saw two girls from other departments come in, shut the door and look back through the glass panel into the corridor. They said that the pigeons were stuck in the corridor! (There's a corridor which runs from reception to the canteen, and one section of it has a door at each end and has glass/ clear plastic walls which you can look out of over the supermarket shop floor on one side and the entrance on the other.) I said "I'll have a go at catching them!" and let myself into the corridor. The pigeons were fluttering against one of the glass walls. I could hear both girls making excited comments on the outside of the door, and I felt the pressure of having an audience behind me! Just as I approached, the Fresh & Trading manager came up, trapped one of the pigeons in a cardboard box and disappeared with it, so it was just me and the other pigeon left. I approached it slowly, got within a metre of it and reached out my hands, but it flew away. It returned to flutter against the wall, though, so I approached it again. When I got close I suddenly thought maybe I should use something else to catch it with instead of my bare hands, so I slowly removed my hat, undid my apron and drew it over my head, and then like lightning threw the apron over the pigeon and grabbed it.

I walked along the corridor, and as I passed the office the previously mentioned manager saw me and jumped to open the door, shouting for me to let it out of the window. He'd been desperate to get rid of them, too, having tried to catch them earlier in the bakery. So into the office I walked, and from the reaction I got from some of the other managers in there you'd think I'd walked in holding a tarantula - some shied away, one of them even screamed and dived under her desk! I let the pigeon fly away out of the window, and then walked back through the office feeling like a celebrity because of how impressed everyone seemed with me! It was a great feeling I have to admit!


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